A post for the new year.

A quiet time, and hot in South Africa. The refuge of days between Christmas and New Year are over. The time for savouring those once a year tastes; when the smell of spicy, slow cooking Christmas cake fills the house; have come and gone; but the tempo is still slow; there is time enough to enjoy a detective novel with glass of red wine.

Over the last couple of evenings the skies have been washed clear by thunderstorms.

For the moment, all is fresh. What better meal to make than an egg salad, full of colours, textures and  variety.

With, perhaps, some lightly steamed vegetables.


A fresh batch of home-made mayonnaise, some cayenne pepper and tumeric and bon appetit! May all the days of the year be filled with freshness, joy and variety.



Published by friedwrites

Helen Friedlande lives in Pretoria, South Africa

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