In the garden

Veggie gardens feed more than stomachs.

Over the years, I’ve spent many happy hours growing veggies; but starting a veggie garden from scratch takes time, which for us at the moment is in short supply. Fortunately, Fritz van der Merwe and Trulandscape were there to help, and constructed for us both a veggie garden and a thing of beauty.

First, an old trampoline was removed and the ground leveled. Then 3 rectangular cement pots were constructed:


Steel posts and chicken wire were the starting point; they formed the skeleton of the pots.


Boards covered with black plastic were then placed on either side of the wire, and the space around the wire was gradually filled with cement.


A framework of poles covered by shade netting was made around the pots to protect the garden from our many beautiful birds.


As the garden neared completion, Fritz signed his name…


and our veggie garden consultant gave his approval.


The wonderful, magical business of planting and growing could begin!

Here’s today’s harvest:


Trulandscape is based in Pretoria. Contact them on: 079 723 8628

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Helen Friedlande lives in Pretoria, South Africa

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