The Watery Kingdom

The pirate ship is a bit off to our right, but for the moment there is no need to use the invisibility function. Seas are calm enough for my captain to do a bit of fishing. He is very competent, and we soon have fresh fish, seasoned with salt and pepper.


“What kind of fish is this?” I ask, and he answers: “Green.”

Our ship is comfortable, but it sometimes malfunctions, and needs to be fixed.

So far, we have managed to evade the pirates with nothing more than a short skirmish now and then. The fights are noisy but short lived. We put all the energy we have into the sword play, and then activate the invisibility function so we can nap.

Time stops in the room where the reflections on the walls and ceiling make our watery  kingdom. The old, black sofa, with softly gathered leather, moulds to our bodies; the young one and the not so young one, as we lie together in the land of make believe.